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Neurodevelopmental Attention’s Integral Program

OBJECTIVE: We intend to improve the living conditions of children and youngsters from newborn to 18 years old under motor disability condition (cerebral palsy, spina bifida, etc.) and neurological risk (psychomotor development delay, prematurity, etc.) as well as their families. Our labor consists on a comprehensive care program applying the neurodevelopmental approach and attending the fact that they are part of a diverse society with equal rights and opportunities.

Aconiño looks for the inclusion of children and youngsters in society, providing them with a high quality treatment that dignifies and allows them to participate in different social environments..

Therapy sessions

We encourage the development through ludic activities in fine and gross motor skills, communication, breathing, cognition and nutrition, taking into account their strengths, necessities and also the expectations of the family.

Advice to parents and dandlers:

By providing the families with the necessary knowledge to handle children and youngster’s daily activities, we support them with strategies of treatment, creating a positive impact in their life quality standards.

Family’s workshops:

Over different training workshops, we provide the families with tools to improve the interaction, decision making and leadership that correspond to parents and dandlers, as well as their self-care.

Support in regular school inclusion:

The Foundation advises the families and schools in order to make the required modifications to guarantee the right of the education.

Diverse recreation spaces:

Spaces for recreation and amusement help the children’s well-being and the interaction with the families and dandlers.

Social Integration:

Aconiño looks to promote integration spaces among families through different social activities such as family’s day, Halloween, Pre - Christmas party, etc.

Orthopedic equipment bank:

We offer on loan adapted wheel chairs, walkers, bipedestators, sedestation orthesis, splints, among others technical equipment.


We gauge the progress according to the objective every four months; we analyze and set the boundaries for the next term by the “the establishment of objectives and goals”.

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